[Breast Cancer Awareness: The 101 On Breast Self-Exams]

by When Beauty on October 15, 2021

Let’s face it, breast cancer is something we all know about but we don’t really talk about it openly with those around us. It is a life-threatening disease that affects about 1 in 8 women in the U.S. and is the most fatal type of cancer for women. Thankfully, due to advancements in medical treatments and various campaigns raising awareness, the number of deaths has been reduced.


Why Is It Important

While there is no definitive method of preventing breast cancer, early detection is important because it is associated with an increased number of available treatment options, increased survival, and improved quality of life. In addition, finding it during the beginning stages usually requires less treatment than when it is discovered later on. In the beginning, breast cancer is just a small lump of tumor, but as it progresses the cancer will spread and grow.

Techniques of a Self-Exam

Self-exams allow you become familiarized with how your breasts normally look and feel, which can help you recognize any lumps or abnormalities in that area. It is recommended to check both breasts every month.

Use the pads of your middle fingers, not your fingertips, and rub gently in a methodical pattern. You need to look for any new lumps or knots. Also, squeeze your nipples to see if there’s any discharge. If you notice some irregularities in your breasts, it is best to immediately consult your doctor.

Make Self-Exams Enjoyable!

Checking your breasts doesn’t need to be something scary or uncomfortable. Make the process enjoyable and think of it as a way of taking care of your well-being. Normally, self-exams are done during or after taking a shower, so after checking them you can indulge your breasts with a nice cooling and refreshing bio-cellulose sheet mask! Yeap, your read that correctly—a sheet mask for your breasts! We recommend our When Beauty and the Breast Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask—this unique and super hydrating breast mask are made with natural biodegradable sheet from fermented coconut water infused in gentle serum formulated with Volufiline™, Pomegranate Extracts, and Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. It helps to brighten, firm up, and moisturize the skin. After using it you’ll feel refreshed and confident about your feminine silhouette.

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