[Summer Body Skincare Tips: Part 1]

by When Beauty on July 16, 2021

Although we emphasize taking care of your face and having a consistent skincare routine, it doesn’t mean we don’t see the importance of taking care of the rest of your body. One of the first places that show signs of aging is your neck. The neck goes through many external irritations; for example: during winter, wearing scarves or high turtlenecks can be rough on the skin in that area. Also, with having various hand-held devices accessible to us and staring down at our screens, younger and younger people are getting necklines. To help delay the aging process, it’s best if you continuously apply SPF and moisturize your neck.

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We’ve come up with an easy way to take care of your neck and décolletage while watching something, reading a book, walking around doing house chores, or just simply sitting or lying down. Our When Youth Recharger for Neck bio-cellulose sheet mask is super hydrating and has exceptional dermal contact to provide full coverage of the neck area! The all-natural bio-cellulose sheet made from fermented coconut water effectively delivers the serum’s nutrients to the skin.


Key Active Ingredients

   ▶ Pearl Powder Extract

This ingredient minimizes the activation of tyrosinase, an enzyme that produces melanin. It also contains nacre which helps collagen on the skin regenerate itself helping wrinkles appear less prominent. Using pearl powder gives the skin a brightening effect and plumper.

   ▶ Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

This collagen consists of smaller peptides that is easily absorbed into the skin and body than other types of collagen. It helps to increase hyaluronic acid production and protects against UVA radiation. Also, it improves elasticity and enhance hydration on the skin. 

   ▶ Colloidal Platinum

Colloidal Platinum is a powerful antioxidant that provides anti-aging properties to the skin.


After applying the mask and leaving it on for 30 minutes, gently massage the remaining serum upwards into the skin. The neck will leave the skin looking smoother, more vibrant, and moisturized. Overtime, it helps to firm and restore the skin around the neck.



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